Honey, I'm HOME!

What a wonderful whirlwind of a year 2019 has been. My husband and I relocated not once, but twice, to a new state and new cities. In April we sold our house in Michigan and moved to Dallas, TX. My husband has always wanted to live in a big city and Dallas delivered the goods! We truly loved the experience of living in the heart of downtown where hubs would walk to work every day and most everything we needed or wanted to do was within walking distance. The only downside was we were living in a pretty small, but very nice, apartment. As convenient as it was it just never felt like a home to us. I really missed having a home studio and a yard for the dogs to run and play in. Fast forward 5 months later and my husband got his dream job working at a hospital in Houston, TX, which happens to be the hometown where I was born and raised. We decided at this point to buy a home and we found the perfect one for us.

It's been a marvelous 3 months of getting acclimated to Houston again. It has changed a lot in the last 30+ years (I'm really showing my age here, ha!). But it really feels good to be "home" again. I have family and friends here and the new house has the perfect studio area for my photography business.

This is an exciting time and I am really eager to get back to doing what I love most....snuggling those babies!

Here's a picture from my first session in my new studio. This is baby Samantha at 8 days new.

My heart is full.

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